Totally aXcepted Teens

Totally aXcepted Teens

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Discussion from 16th March

Hi all you guys!!

Here's the new lesson..


Do you trust your parents not to eat you while you sleep?
What would happen if you were convinced that your Mom wanted to poison your food.? Would you eat anything? Would she be able to give you nice food?
Can our parents love us and give us nice things if we don't trust them and think they are trying to kill us or that they want to make us miserable?
Would we accept stuff from them.?
If we sort of half trusted them, and said “we'll go with you to town, but we won't trust your driving to take us on a long trip” How would they take us to Umhlanga for a 5 week holiday at a 5 star hotel on the beach?
So if we trust our parents completely, then they are able to do good things for us right?

Do we trust God?

With how much of our lives? 10%? 60%? 100% ?
OK, lets find out how much you trust God.....

Are we willing to say to God “You can take any of my stuff and do what You like with it. I give it all to You” ??
Are we willing to say to God “You can send me anywhere – I'll go”
Are we willing to say to God “ I'll never get married if that's what you want”
Are you willing to say to God “I'll stay poor for ever if that's what You want in my life..” !!!
Isa 25:9 When it happens, everyone will say, "He is our God! We have put our trust in him, and he has rescued us. He is the LORD! We have put our trust in him, and now we are happy and joyful because he has saved us."
Are we willing to say to God “I'll stay here in Vryheid and die here if that's what You want me to do”
Psa 33:4 The words of the LORD are true, and all his works are dependable.5 The LORD loves what is righteous and just; his constant love fills the earth.
Psa 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; I will fear no one. The LORD protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid. 2 When evil people attack me and try to kill me, they stumble and fall. 3 Even if a whole army surrounds me, I will not be afraid; even if enemies attack me, I will still trust God.
Can we say to God “ I trust you with my future. You can take away my family, my money, my cell phone, my future, whatever, and I'll still follow You. I know that You know best, and that You will always look after me.“
In other words, are we certain that God is a kind, good God who will only do what's BEST for us, or do we have doubts about that?
If we believe this about God, then do we think He will do stuff to us that will make us scared, or hurt us, if He is a kind and gentle God who loves us?
So can we trust in God TOTALLY ? Yes we can because that allows Him to bless us. He won't FORCE His blessings onto us, but if we trust Him and let Him take us to His places, then He will be able to bless us.
Will all the scary things we expect actually happen? More than likely not.
How does total trust in God make us happy? We can relax because we know that He's driving, like we do in the car when our Dad is driving – we know he's not some maniac!!
Isa 12:2 God is my savior; I will trust him and not be afraid. The LORD gives me power and strength; he is my savior. 3 As fresh water brings joy to the thirsty, so God's people rejoice when he saves them."

Trust God with your whole life. Don't keep anything back from His control.
Don't stop Him from blessing you.
Remember, He's driving. You must just stay on the bus !!

Trusting God is a total thing
Either you trust Him
or you don't.
Which one are you?

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